[Jasmine] - settling in.

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I don't know where this Phillips trained to be a butler, but he's excellent at it. It's only been a few hours since we arrived here, but we already have rooms made up for us all, and we couldn't feel more welcome.

I walk tentatively down a long corridor, following his directions, and I come to two bedrooms at the end, with a shared bathroom opposite.

I peer inside.

One bedroom's yellow. The other's pink. "I think I found yours, too," I call back to Kendrix, smiling. "I hope you actually like pink and it's not just your Ranger colour."
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Kendrix: Observing back at the mansion

Is he sure that so few people live here? Because this place is huge. Not only that, but there was already food made up that the nice man who greeted us gave us. Phillips, that was it. He was a very nice man and even offered Ryouga some treats for Mai. Fortunately, it seems that the owner of the house is going to be late which is one less distraction and Eric shoved the son, Wes, out of the room. Wes didn't seem too upset by it, but he doesn't exactly seem like the serious type either. Especially compared to Eric.

He shuts the door, assuring us that we won't be disturbed before looking at us. "Now," he tells us. "Tell me everything that you know on Ransik. And exactly what I need to do."

Retsu answers before any of the rest of us can. "Ransik is a mutant from the year 3001. He killed several civilians before we caught him. He was found guilty of murder, vandalism, theft... nearly ever crime we had. We were instructed to and did stop him. We lost a couple of officers in that fight."

He pauses before continuing. "My commanding officer and I went after him. We were ambushed. They managed to fight us back and they hurt the Lieutenant badly. I found a bomb and was thrown across the room. The lieutenant wasn't so lucky. He was killed in the blast. During the distraction, Ransik and his team escaped to earth. That's all I have. Bridge, Ryouga?"

I watch silently, observing them all. I'm hoping someone else will do the same, possibly Jasmine, so that I can compare and confirm some of the suspicions I have. For now, Eric seems more at ease. That, in itself, is a good thing.
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Eric: Because Nothing Is Ever Easy

Wes headed off to the business meeting a little over an hour ago. He's meeting his dad there. I literally had to drag him out of his room to get him there in time. Phillips says he owes me for it, but Wes just needed to go. Alan tried to tell me that I could come along as well, but we all know that Wes is taking over the company, not me. I'm still trying to figure out what to do.

I decide to take a walk, try to figure things out. Down by the beach would be my best bet. Less people, ocean, no one else. I've been trying to prove myself for eight damned years and while Wes accepts me, not many other people do. I ditch the car and head for a walk to clear my mind. When I see the hole open and something head out of it. I dive behind one of the rock to hide, hoping that whatever it is doesn't see me right away. It lands and they head out. Is that a little girl? Focus, Eric. I pick up a rock and hold it ready to strike if one of them gets to close. Other than the little girl. I'll just have to hope she's not evil because I don't want to hurt a kid.
My Own Way
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Retsu: A Beginning.

Of all the things in my life I ever thought I'd be doing, this wasn't one of them. The case with the morphers in my hand seems heavier than I thought it would be as I listen to my orders. SPD is willing to help and they'll send me there. With the earth being so large, we're hoping they have a better idea of where to go since they're only twenty years in the future from where Ransik landed. I clutch the handles to the case at the thought. Niisan. I shake my head and continue on my way, a little fearful of what to do.

Niisan should be the one going after him, not me. He did better than me during the tests and training. He's been doing this longer. He already had a morpher, but they don't really have a choice but to send me. The morpher already had his DNA and I'm the only family he had left. I get into the ship, heading back through time. It stops outside of the city and I look around and head toward SPD headquarters. I have the feeling they already know I'm here. I can just hope they know for what.